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Sell My Saab Online With The Car Buying Shop

Sell my Saab at The Car Buying Shop

Do you want to sell your Saab quickly? At the Car Buying Shop we will Buy your Saab and give you a free bank transfer the same day. Our Buyer Leon is also here to help get you the best price possible. To find out how much your Saab could be worth then click here for a free instant valuation. If you want to speak to Leon to sell your Saab then contact him on this number: 03333443023or click here to have Leon call you back.

A little bit about Saab

Saab didn't have a normal beginning like most other car companies as Saab began by making airplanes during World War 2. After World War 2 had finished the demand for airplanes dropped dramatically and Saab needed to find a way to stay operating. The answer to this was to start making and manufacturing cars. The people at Saab had never made cars before this and it showed as their first cars had lots of problems. A famous problem that the first ever Saab had, the 92, was it had enclosed wheel arches. This was very aerodynamic but also blocked up with snow in the winter and stopped the steering from working. Saab by no means has all been bad though as they have produced some great classic cars over the years like the Saab 99 Turbo, what is considered one of Saab's best ever cars. Saab is the epitome of Swedish engineering and always had a great reputation for selling some of the safest cars on the market. Before any Saab would go on sale it was put through 100's of different crash test to make sure that all Saab's could survive just about anything.            Engineering their cars to this extent though meant that they were losing money on every car they sold. Even being owed by the American giants General motors did not help. General motors Tried to save money by basing Saabs on existing Vauxhalls but Saab re-engineered the Vauxhalls so extensively that they were costing General motors too much money; because of this in 2010 General motors closed down Saab. There have been rumors of Saab coming back but sadly the future for them is not looking bright.

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