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Sell Scrap Cars Online With The Car Buying Shop

Sell your scrap cars today

Have you got an old car that is past the point of selling but you're unsure of what to do with it? Perhaps it's been involved in an accident and the repair costs exceed the cars value, causing you to wonder what's the next step? Don't worry because we're here to help!


Scrapping a car can be an unnecessary hassle, which is why The Car Buying Shop look to buy scrap cars and help ease the burden to our customers.


The issue with scrap cars is that sometimes they're not quite at the point of scrapping. More often than not you'll take your car to your local scrap yard and they'll offer somewhere in the region of £50-£100 for it, with little to no idea of what the car is actually worth.


We recently had a customer explain that their old Ford Fiesta's clutch had gone and figured that due to the cars age, it would be better to scrap it than bother with the repairs. Their local scrap car buyer bought it off them for £120, but unfortunately a few weeks later they saw it on the road driving as normal with a 'for sale' sign of £800.


That's where The Car Buying Shop are different, we value each car on and individual basis and look to give our customers a reasonable price for their car which is often significantly more than any scrap yard valuation. We even offer to come to you, which most scrap yards charge at a premium service costing £50.


So if you're asking yourself the question 'where do I sell my scrap car?' then give The Car Buying Shop a call - we guarantee the phone call will be worth your time! 


What is a scrap car?

A scrap car is generally an end-of-life car that suffers from any of the following:


- Multiple or expensive MOT failures

- Significant damage

- Non-running engine

- Several technical issues

- Major safety violations


Every year two million cars are scrapped in the UK, as more and more people move to newer models and look to get rid of their cars that are on their last legs.


Generally around 95% of scrap cars are recycled as most components in one can be reused in some way, shape or form. This is done at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) which are legally permitted to dispose of scrap cars. If you are going to use a scrap yard opposed to a car buying service like us, you should only use ATF licensed locations as it is a criminal offence to do so anywhere else. A good alarm bell for a non-licensed business is whether or not they accept cash because it is actually illegal for scrap merchants to accept cash.


Furthermore, as soon as this is done you should notify the DVLA so you're no longer liable for road tax, ownership legalities or potential points or fines that may or may not be possible once you've scrapped the car.


If you need any help or advice on how to scrap your car, you can give Calvin a call at The Car Buying Shop on 03333 443023 and he'll be happy to advise you on the best way to deal with your motor!

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