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Sell My Skoda Online With The Car Buying Shop

Sell my Skoda at The Car Buying Shop

Do you happen to own a Skoda car and are perhaps wondering if you should be selling it? Well if you are, give The Car Buying Shop a call! We buy any Skoda regardless of its mileage, history or condition, and can pop the money straight into your bank the very same day with no extra charges or admin fees on top.


We're big fans of Skodas. They may not be the most prestigious of brands but they're a reliable, stylish, modern car that ticks a lot of boxes for a day-to-day motor. We had a Skoda Octavia vRS a couple of years ago and it really surprised everybody that went in it. At around 200 bhp it was more than quick to put a smile on your face, but it was also a really smooth cruiser when it needed to be too.


If you're wanting sell your Skoda but don't quite know how, then let us explain the super-easy process. The first thing you'll want to know is how much you can get for the car, and to find that out you can either go on our site and get an instant computer-generated valuation, or you can give us a call on 01582 670948 and get it over the phone.


If you're happy with that price then the next step is to arrange a viewing. This can be done at our shop in Toddington, or at your home or work if you don't have the time to come by. We'll then meet up at a time convenient to you and go over the car, checking its history, spec, condition and more. This is so we can ensure that the price quoted is a fair reflection of the car as sometimes the valuation can be off, and we want to make sure a good car gets a better price.


Providing we're both on the same page after that, we'll then fill out the boring paperwork and transfer the money straight to your account there and then, with no extra fees attached!


What is a Skoda?

Skoda, or Skoda Auto to be precise, are a Czech car manufacturer owned by the Volkswagen Group. They are one of the five oldest car manufacturers in the world, along with Daimler, Opel, Peugeot and Tatra.


The company was initially founded as an arms manufacturer back in 1859, but later in 1898 one of the founder's purchased a Werner motorcycle which unfortunately cost them their tooth in an accident. This led them to developing a safer alternative in 1899 known as the Slavia, which then lead to the production of trucks after the first World War. From there it was only natural to develop cars, and as they say the rest is history. Nowadays Skoda continue to go from strength to strength, with a 6.8% increase of sales last year bringing their production total to 1.13 million cars that year.


We buy any Skoda that comes our way, and since we opened a few years ago have gone on to purchase many Skoda models such as:


- Fabia

- Octavia

- Rapid

- Superb

- Yeti


So if you just so happen to own any of these cars or perhaps any other Skoda model for that matter, then give The Car Buying Shop a go. We have no doubt you'll be delighted to speak to us!

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Valuation - the car buying shop
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