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We Buy Any Car

We Buy Any Car Alternaitive

The online car buying industry has become very competitive over the past few years, there are many of options such as webuyanycar, wewantanycar, the car buying service and obviously us. Our approach is slightly different though. We try to be as fair as possible. A little bit of age realted wear, average tread on tyres, stone chips and the odd scratch. They're all things that any normal person would expect to see on a car that has done a few miles on our roads. We don't go over your car with a pen and paper and note every little dent and scratch, we don't pick fault with your car. We take a view on you as the owner and the car as an overall image, this way it's less intruding and painfull for you and it's easier for us to do our job. We don't want conflict or disagreement, we just want to buy cars, trying to keep it fair all round. 


Our USP if you like is our valuation system, we use CAP which is a car valuation tool used by pretty much every car trader in the UK. it's the best by far, it's up to date and in touch with the market. Following entering your reg, mileage and a few personal details we provide you with 2 numbers, the lower number is below average condition and the higher number is above average condition. We don't change or manipulate these figures whatsoever, this an accurate trade valuation for your vehicke based on it's reg and mileage. We believe this is the only fair way of doing.

One over thing that's good about us is we don't charge any admin or transfer fees which again is farir and reasonable for the customer.

We buy any car including....




The photo above was taken by Calvin at the car museum in Berlin known as classic car remise

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Valuation - the car buying shop
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