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Latest Car News (10th to 16th October 2016)

This week our car news comes in the form of the next-generation Mercedes E-Class coupe, the 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo, and the first spy shots of McLaren's new 650S. 


Nissan reveal 2017 GT-R Nismo

The 2017 revised version of the Nissan GT-R Nismo has been unveiled.

Credit: Nissan.co.uk


Nissan updated the GT-R with a major facelift earlier this year - dubbed the 2017 GT-R - and so it was only natural that a new Nismo version was on the way too. Well we now have our first look at it, and as you can see it adopts many of the same design updates as the standard GT-R, including a new carbon fibre front bumper, grille, rear diffuser and spoiler.


The Nismo also comes with all the tuning mods you'd expect, such as uprated shocks, springs and stabilisers, but its 592 bhp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 remains untouched. There is however a redesigned dashboard, steering wheel, armrest and more, plus new black forged alloy wheels and leather Recaro seats. The GT-R Nismo goes on sale from 1st November, with each model costing £149,995.


New McLaren 650S spied on the road

McLaren's latest 650S has been spotted undergoing testing on the British roads.

Credit: AutoExpress.co.uk


The current 650S was only launched back in 2014 so a new version may seem premature, but the arrival of the 540C, 570S, 570GT and 675 LT since then has left the 650S looking slightly outdated than the newer models. A new version sets out to rectify that, and whilst the spy shots of the car show it covered in camouflage and disguising panels, you can still make out some of the changes.


The front firstly shows different housing around the lights and updated air intakes, whilst the rear has been reshaped to appear chunkier and more aggressive. Under the bonnet, the new 650S is expected to continue using its 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8, but with a power increase of up to 670 bhp. No official details have been confirmed as of yet, but with the car likely to launch in 2018, you can expect more information to emerge in the first half of 2017.


2017 Mercedes E-Class coupe spotted

The next-generation E-Class coupe has been seen being tested.

Credit: MotorAuthority.com


Mercedes launched the new E-Class generation in spring earlier this year in saloon and estate form, but the coupe however hasn't yet been released. These spy shots suggest that won't be the case for long though, as the car looks to be nearing its final testing procedures. As you can see, not much camouflage is present, making it easier to spot the E-Class coupe's shape and features.


Much alike the the C-Class coupe and S-Class, the E-Class coupe adopts a lower windscreen flowing into a curvier rear, and also has no B-pillars. The rest of the bodywork is naturally hidden, but you'd expect the panels to be similar to the other E-Class models. The E-Class coupe is likely to launch some time next year, perhaps around spring again like its E-Class siblings.


2017 Volkswagen Golf to debut next month

The facelift for the MK7 Golf is set to be unveiled in November.

Credit: Pinterest.com


Volkswagen launched the MK7 Golf in 2012 and so a facelift was always expected sooner rather than later, however we now have official confirmation that its first reveal with occur next month. Whilst details are minimal as of now, Volkswagen have said that the car is receiving a major update which will update its appearance and upgrade a load of its tech.


Some of the tech is expected to be in the shape of a new infotainment system, gesture control system, and two new hi-resolution colour displays - a 9.5-inch screen for the dashboard and a smaller 8.5-inch screen for the instrument cluster. We look forward to seeing how the car looks both inside and out when its shown off in not-so-distant future!


Is a high-performance Toyota Yaris on the way?

Toyota may be launching a high-performance Yaris to support their rally campaign.

Credit: AutoExpress.co.uk


According to the folks at AutoExpress, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota may be looking to develop a hardcore version of their Yaris to acknowledge their recent return to the World Rally Championship. Johan van Zyl told AutoExpress: "From the European side we would like to do something - to bring something to market that will relfect our partcipation in WRC."


Considering their entry to the WRC is a Yaris, it would therefore make sense that the production model they opt for is that too. If it were to be a Yaris, you can expect power figures to be around 180-200 bhp, allowing it to compete with cars like the Polo GTi and Fiesta ST. Hopefully we'll see an official confirmation on whether or not it's happening some time in the next year.

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