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The Car Buying Shop proudly sponsor Jordan Reynolds

At The Car Buying Shop we're proud of our Lutonion roots and the platform the town has given us, which is why we like to give back to the community however way we can. One of the ways we do so is by sponsoring the town's very own Jordan Reynolds.


Jordan is an upcoming amateur boxer that was born and bred in Luton; just like us. At just 21-years-old, he already boasts a remarkable record of 56-5, plus an impressive amount of accolades that really do highlight his profound ability. Those include that of the GB Three Nations champion, three-time Multi Nations champion, and the title of two-time Haringey Box Cup national champion - something that IBF world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua also did at the same age of 19 and 20-years-old. His orthodox style is a mixture of powerful, fast combinations, excellent head movement, natural flair and a desire to go forward. These characteristics combined with his intense work rate and high level of fitness result in an excitable, entertaining fighter.


Like all of history's best sportsmen, Jordan's upbringing wasn't easy. The adversity he faced in Luton was tough and resulted in him growing up with his mother in refuges, getting kicked out of school and getting arrested. However, an altercation in which an attacker pulled a knife on him - and the upsetting news of his grandfather passing away that very same day - changed his life. As a result, Jordan took up boxing and also turned to Christianity; and he's never looked back since.



Jordan's daily regime consists of two purposeful training sessions. The first is a cardio-focused workout, where he focuses on lengthy fast-paced runs, challenging hill climbs and/or high intensity sprints in the early morning or late evening; all whilst listening to Conway Twitty, Randy Travis and his utmost favourite Elvis Presley. The other is a session down at Hoddesdon Boxing Academy sharpening his tools through the means of sparring, conditioning and strengthening exercises.


His training doesn't stop there however, as Jordan himself admits that boxing is somewhat of an obsession, telling us: "I often put a resistance band around my ankles when I walk around the house, just to improve my footwork." This attitude to the sport highlights how motivated and determined he is to ensure he reaches the very top. He's even gone and trained at some of the best gyms around the country and the world - including those run by greats such as Freddie Roach, Barry McGuigan and Floyd Mayweather -  just to learn different techniques and obtain vital advice and experience from the very best in the sport.


Although Jordan is an incredibly talented fighter for his age, he recognises that there's no rush to turn pro and would instead like to utilise the amateur game to ensure he's able to hit the ground running when the time does eventually come: "If you look at the best fighters in the world they all had 100-200+ fights at amateur.", he said. And, if you look at two of his favourite fighters in Cuba's Guillermo Rigondeaux and Ukraine's Vasyl Lomachenko who boasted unbelievable 374-12 and 396-1 amateur records respectively, you'd be inclined to agree.


For Jordan, the goal is the same as any other amateur: to represent Great Britain at the Olympics. He's currently fighting for Team GB and doing his best to ensure he makes the final squad in September. The early signs are positive as Jordan is currently the team's captain, but with fierce competition he's taking nothing for granted as he looks to cement the Middleweight (69-75kg) position as his.



Regardless of what happens over the next few months, Jordan's future seems nothing but bright. From the day we met him we understood why the town are so behind him: his infectious and entertaining style; determined and committed attitude; and most importantly his humble and down to earth personality all make such an endearing and likeable young man.


The journey has been treacherous and demanding for Jordan so far and he's still got a long way to go, but no matter what we'll always be proud to sponsor and support him however we can. Every boxer dreams of becoming a world champion and Jordan is no different. Should he go on achieve that dream and all the fame and fortune that comes with it, well he'll always be remembered as the lad from Luton that came from nothing and made his dream a reality.




Join us in helping Jordan on his journey

If you'd like to help Jordan on his journey and sponsor him like us, you can get in touch via his Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or by emailing his management team at info@starbilling.co.uk.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jreynoldsboxing

Twitter: https://twitter.com/reynoldsboxing

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jreynoldsboxing/


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