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Sell Fleet Cars Online With The Car Buying Shop

Specialist Fleet Car Buyer

Sell your fleet of vehicles today with ease. We buy company cars, vans and vehicle fleets. At the car buying shop we're known for lifting the pressure and making the process of selling your car pain free and convenient. Fleets of cars can almost be a bit of a burden to deal with for some people, not just for the buyer but the seller as well. If you've got as little as 2 vehicles or as much as 100 vehicles then give Leon our fleet manager a call on 01525 303908. We are a nationwide fleet vehicle buyer, we can come to you where ever you are. Give us a go. We are your local fleet car buyer.

Selling a fleet of a cars a huge responsibility and can be a difficult thing to organsie and manage, We are business owners ourselves and we know that most people in business struggle to find the time to do anything outside of their normal working day, let alone having to deal with replacing every staff vehicle within the business. Having dealt wirth many fleets of cars, small and large. We understand the logistics, the planning, the pricing and the way forward with a fleet of cars, it's simply what we do daily. If you have been given the job to move on a fleet of vehicles but also need to maximise their value, we're your answer. Give us a call today, speak to either of the directors Leon or Calvin who will be happy to help. All payments made are instant and can be organised on the same day of viewing, it's that simple.

Sell a Fleet Of Vehicles

Lets assume you have a fleet of cars, 25 Audi A4's and 5 VW Caddy Vans and you're at The Isle Of Dogs in London. Leon will give you a rough idea over the phone then providing you're both along the same lines he will then go on to make an appointment to come and view the vehicles. After a brief look at the fleet and their paperwork Leon will then give you a more accurate price. Let's just say for the sake of examples it's £8,000 per Audi and £6,000 for each Caddy, the total amount is £230,000. We build all of our collection admin and transfer fees into the price so the number we agree is the exact number you see in your account. A second appointment will then be made, usually within 7 days. On this visit Leon will arrive with 3 car transporters, each can carry up to 11 vehicles. Whilst the drivers are loading the fleet Leon will Stamp our details on the yellow slip on each one of the log books. They'll all go into one envelope for you to send to the DVLA, he'll send log in to our online banking and send the full amount (£230,000) which (following a few security and fraud checks by our bank) will be instant. easy as that....... The car buying shop are your solution to sell a fleet of cars or vans.

A little bit about us

The car buying shop is run by 2 brothers Leon and Calvin along with a number of members staff. We've been in the car industry for many years and have had a love for cars in general from a young age. We like to solve problems and take problems away from people, we also like to be fair with people. As with any other trade, car buying is an industry filled with competition. We're slightly different though, We're not a nationwide monster, we're family run. We make sure that this  approach sticks with all of our staff because it is the key reason to why we have succeeded as well as we have to date. We're well-known and highly recommended in the industry and as we roll out we want to keep hold of this reputation. 

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Valuation - the car buying shop
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