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Sell my Classic Car Online With The Car Buying Shop

Specialist Classic Car Buyer

Want to sell your classic car? Looking for a local specialist classic car buyer? Give Leon a call now on 01525 303908

Here at The car buying shop we are massive fans of classic cars. Pictured above is one of our personal cars which is a 1985 Audi Ur Quattro. As a family we have owned many Audi Ur Quattro's over the years. Known for their many wins in the rally championship Audi really did build something special with these cars and it's certainly a personal favourite of ours. 

Another car in our personal collection is a Vauxhall Lotus Carlton. Know as the fastest family saloon in the 90's with a claimed top speed of 180mph and a bhp of 377 these cars are very fast even by today's standards.

Although these are personal favorites we do buy any classic car. From old Austin Mini's through to Ferrari Testarossa's if you have an old classic car then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you!

Classic cars are seasonal so you may be at a stage where you're considering changing it ready for the new season or you'd simply like it out of the way with hope to see somebody else have enjoyment from it in the coming season. EIther way, if you want to sell your classic car, give us a call. ?

Sell a classic car

Want to sell a classic car? Buying classic cars for us is more of a passion than a business so if you a classic car you'd like a valuation on then here's how our process works. Call us on 01525 303908 or email us at contact@thecarbuyingshop.com so we can discuss your car and from there we would make an appointment either for you to bring your classic car to us or for  us to come to you. If we agree a price that both parties are happy with then we would make an instant bank transfer there and then and then the sale would be complete.

What is a Classic Car?

We often get asked this question. In our opinion a car that qualifies as a "classic car" is one that has some historic meaning and interest. For example in James Bond films Aston Martin have used their cars, one of which was the Aston Martin DB5, as a result of featuring in such a classic film this gave so much credit to the Aston Martin DB5 which is now a highly valuable "classic car".  Here are some other examples of cars used in films which gives them legendary credit, The VW Beetle, this was used in the film Herbie, The Pontiac Trams am, this was used in the film The knight rider, Audi Ur Quattro, this car was used recently in the film Ashes to ashes and another recent film which used a classic car was The and furious who used the amazing Mustang Shelby. 

Another factor that seems to contribute to a car being labeled a classic is the personal meaning and memory a car had to somebody in the past. For example here are a handful of classic cars that have many childhood memories for people growing up in the 70's, 80's and 90's, Ford Cortina, Ford Escort, Sierra cosworth, Vauxhall astra gte, Nova gte, Lotus Carlton, Senator, Austin Mini, Mini metro, MG meastro, Audi Ur Quattro and the list goes on. They might just be small memories like "my friends dad had one" or maybe the fact that your own dad had one but what ever the reason they all contribute towards them being stated classic cars.

Some cars are labelled classic cars because of their amazing change to the motoring world. Factors such as speed, bhp, body shape, engine or exhaust sound, mpg and so on can all create historic evolution which can conribute towards cars being classed as a classic car in todays cars.

If you have a classic car you would like to sell then please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you. 

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