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sell my mazda online with the car buying shop

Sell your Mazda today

Selling your Mazda and finding private sale a headache? Well there's an easier way to do it - sell your car today with The Car Buying Shop. We're happy to take your car off your hands irrespective of it's condition, so you won't find us walking away for any reason whatsoever. Better yet, the money we pay out can be paid directly into your bank account the same day - easy!


Mazda have produced some fantastic cars over the years but the one that stands out for us is the third generation RX-7 released in 1991. Its gorgeous curves and shape were synonymous with the iconic coupe style we all know and love, but the real magic was under its hood. Running a 1.3-litre twin-turbo rotary engine is both daring and excitable, and boy did they deliver. 276 bhp at 1,300 kg are numbers unheard of in the 90's for a Japanese sports coupe.


In our eyes the RX-7 really sums up Mazda - a fun, ready to go, petrolhead toy. The same can be said for its younger brother the RX-8 and of course the MX-5 too. We love Mazda's, and if you have any of these three gems for sale then you really should come our way. To begin the process, you can either get an computer generated valuation via our website or over the phone by calling 01582 670948.


Once the price is agreed we can book a time in the diary for the car to be viewed, where we'll check its history, condition, spec and more to ensure the price quoted is fair to both you and us. Providing you're happy with the final price, we'll fill in the boring paperwork and complete the sale there and then - and send the money instantly too!


What is a Mazda?

Mazda is a Japanese automaker founded in 1920 by one Jujiro Matsuda - an industrialist and businessman who was born in Hiroshima, Japan. An interesting fact for you is that their name is derived from Ahura Mazda, who is the god of light, intelligence, and wisdom!


Fast forward nearly 20 years and you'll find they're now one of the biggest brands worldwide, ranking 5th back in 2011 for production figures alone, amassing over 1.1 million units sold. This success is the reason why Mazda are one of the most well-known brands worldwide, and is why we love buying them.


There are so many Mazda models on the market currently, but here are a few that we've bought over the past few years that stand out in memory:


- CX-5

- Mazda3

- Mazda6

- MX-5

- RX-7

- RX-8


So if you own any of those above or any other Mazda's for that matter, then give us a call and we'll be happy to take it off your hands. You might find you can sell your Mazda today!

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