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Sell My Nissan Online With The Car Buying Shop

Sell my Nissan at The Car Buying Shop

Do you want to sell your Nissan quickly? At the Car Buying Shop we will Buy your Nissan and give you a free bank transfer the same day. Our Buyers Calvin and Leon are also here to help get you the best price possible. To find out how much your Nissan could be worth then click here for a free instant valuation. If you want to speak to Calvin or Leon to sell your Nissan then contact them on this number: 03333443023 or click here to have one of them call you back.

A little bit about Nissan

The Nissan name is a staple in British motoring despite being a Japanese company. This is down to Nissans always selling in great numbers in Britain and Nissan still has one of the best selling cars in Britain in its line up. Nissan are known for two things at the moment. For creating the modern crossover and having Godzilla in its line up. Firstly the modern crossover. The Nissan Qashqai is considered to be the first modern crossover with an SUV appearance with hatchback running costs and because of this it has landed itself as the 5th best selling car In Britain. Nissan are also known for Godzilla though. The world famous Nissan GTR, what is one of the fastest cars on sale today and has been every year since it launched in 2007. With a 550bhp v6 engine and four wheel drive the Nissan GTR can go 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds. To put that time into perspective the Bugatti veyron will do 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds. Let alone the Bugatti veyron costs £1.3 million and the Nissan GTR costs £76,000. The Nissan GTR is quite a bargain and a living legend because of that.

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