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The Car Buying Shop - FAQ's

A few questions. And answers

We understand that selling your car can raise a lot of questions, especially if you've never done it before. That's why we've answered all the most common ones for you below.

Simply click any of the questions and the appropriate answer will be displayed. If you do happen to have any others that aren't below then feel free to get in touch via our 'Contact Us' page or use any of the contact information further down the page.


  • How is my valuation calculated?

    The 'from' and 'to' values given are generated from a trade car valuation system known as CAP who are the most accurate car valuers on the market, they are used by almost every car trader in the UK. We feel that this is the fairest way of giving valuations. Most other car buying companies use cap but manipulate the figures. We don't add or change anything. The actual value of your car depends on it's condition.

  • Why is my value subject to inspection?

    After you've typed in your reg, the info on screen is data provided by the DVLA. We check 3 things, firstly that the DVLA have got your car details correct. Secondly, we check the condition and history. Then finally, the demand and values on the open market.

  • Why do you need my email address and phone number?

    We email every valuation to each individual and we like to have your phone number on system in case we need to contact you. We don't pass any of these onto 3rd party's.

  • Is part-ex not a better option for me?

    Part exchange can be quite a convenient way to sell but not always the best.. We aim to pay more than anyone else can for a part exchange which will put you in a better position when buying. Dealers may offer you what seems to be a very good part-ex price, but that will probably be to persuade you to buy an over-priced new car! Without doubt, the best way to negotiate at any dealership is to have cash in your hand and be ready to bargain hard.


  • My car has a private registration, will you buy it?

    Yes, we don't keep the plates ourselves we simply just leave them on the car. If you have a private reg though and would like to take it off you'll need to do this prior to sale. DVLA can sometimes take up to 4 weeks to send you your new V5 so allow a bit of time for this. It can sometimes be done instantly, click on this link to retain your private reg.

  • Do you buy non-runners/scrap cars?

    Yes we do. Scrap value differs so much. If a car is simply ready for the scrap pile, we pay it's value in weight minus the delivery cost to the scrap yard. If however, your car has just ran out of mot and is still fit to be on the road we'll pay more than scrap value with intentions of keeping it on the road.

  • My car is an insurance write-off, will you buy it?

    Yes, the values given on our website aren't based on it being subject to a total loss though. To get a more accurate valuation call your local car buying shop who will be happy to help.

  • What do I do with my road tax?

    Since October 2014 road tax laws changed slightly. After we''ve bought your car we fill in the yellow trade slip on the V5. It is your duty to send this off. The DVLA will update their system to ensure you are no longer registered as an owner and if there is any road tax left on your vehicle they'll refund you every full month owed.

  • My car is a non runner, will you buy it?

    Yes, we literally buy any car, give us a call for an idea on price.

  • What about my outstanding finance?

    We can clear any finance you owe on the day of purchase. The remaining amount will be sent to you instantly. If you owe more than the price agreed we take the overpayment on card. All payments will be arranged upon the sale.

  • What if my car is damaged?

    Most cars have damage, that is expected. Anything unreasonable will be deducted. We use the word unreasonable because a key scratch or bumper damage on a 10 year old car is expected but on a 2 year old car, probably not. The best thing is to just pop down and let us see it because it's probably no even as bad as you think.

  • What if I don't have a V5 Document?

    We do need your original V5 document if we are to buy your car. If you don't have one though we will need a replacement form of ID, for example a bank statement or council tax bill.

  • A family member or friend has passed away, can I sell their car?

    We appreciate that this can be a difficult time for all concerned and we want to make this an easy process for you. You can sell a surplus car however the correct authority or documentation would need to be in place. If you would like to discuss your individual circumstance, please contact your local shop


  • What do I need to bring with me?

    Proof of Identity - Two forms of identification (driving licence, passport, utility bill). If you are not the owner of the vehicle, we require a letter of authorisation to sell from the owner. Vehicle Documents - Any service history you have / Any MOT Certificates you have / The V5 (Logbook)The spare key (if there is one).

  • How will I be paid?

    We will pay you by BACS bank transfer or cheque.

  • How long will payment take?

    The simple answer to this is instant. We pay for instant bank transfers via Natwest online banking. Our guys log in whilst you're with them and send the amount agreed instantly to your bank account. Once we've pressed send it's yours. Sometimes it takes longer to land in your account based on bank opening times, for example weekends and bank holidays.


  • Can I drop my car to you?

    Yes, this is how we prefer to do the deal.

  • Will you collect my car?

    Yes we can but due to high demand our drivers are extremely busy. Give us a call and we'll try our best to get someone out to you.

  • Will you charge to collect my car?

    Yes, we charge a flat fee of £50 providing you are within 15 miles from your nearest branch.

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