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About The Car Buying Shop

  • Selling Your Car Made Easy

    At The Car Buying Shop we understand that selling your car can be a headache and is notorious for attracting time wasters.

    You could attempt to sell your car privately only to find you have to pay advertising fees, which do not guarantee a sale. You will also be faced with the prospect of people contacting you at all hours and then making you a low offer in the hope that you take it.

    You may have already tried a similar company and been disappointed by the results or the way you were treated.

    Even part exchanging may not get you the best price if the car you are looking at buying is over priced, or if the dealer does not want it.

    Being able to negotiate with no part exchange leaves you free to shop anywhere you like and get the best deal on the right car for you. Not having a part exchange leaves you in control of the deal.

    Here at The Car Buying Shop we offer a simple, hassle-free way to sell your car at a price you are happy with. Upon making your appointment we can inspect your vehicle, buy it and have the money safely put in your account within a few hours and we even offer home and work visits to make life that bit easier for you.

    When you arrive at our shop a member of our valuation team will talk you through the process and expertly inspect your car so you know you are getting the best price for your vehicle.

    So start now by choosing one of our three options and within a few hours you could have sold your car and have the money in your bank.

    The Car Buying Shop - About Us
  • We pride ourselves on being fair and reasonable

    We pride ourselves on being fair and reasonable, most traders or car buying services are out to try and get your car as cheaply as possible which usually results in an unpleasant experience. For example many online car buying companies will on average offer a final valuation of £590 less than that of what they originally quoted on their website - where is the honesty in that?

    We see honesty as a two way street, if you're honest with us over the condition and information related to your car we'll give you that same honesty back and honour the original valuation, maintaining our belief in being fair and reasonable.

  • How It Works

    The whole process is simple, following your free online valuation we then need to see your car at one of our shops. In some cases we understand that you won't be able to bring the car to us, in this case we'll have to come to you see below if this is the case with your car. After we've seen your car, driven it (we're insured to drive all vehicles) and looked at the paperwork, we'll then agree a price. This can sometimes be different to the price on screen but only for obvious reasons such as body damage, little or no mot, no service history, 1 key etc. If the car is all up-to-date i.e. not due any tyres or maintenance work and it doesn't require any spend then we'll pay you the price that you see on screen. Then next step is payment, again this is dead simple. All of our payments are free and instant, unlike other car buying companies we pay for the transfer charges, we do not charge the customer a penny nor do we charge any admin or paperwork fees. The number we agree is the number you'll see in your bank and we'll do all of the paperwork for you there and then.

    The whole process takes about half an hour, if you have any road tax left on the vehicle the DVLA will automatically refund every full month due to you upon receiving the yellow v5 slip. The whole process from start to finish takes around half an hour.

  • Do we really pay more than anybody else?

    Some industry's and trades have developed a name for themselves which can sometimes influence people away from using their services. Plumbers and locksmiths are good examples of this, most people assume that by using these services they'll be ripped off, not to say that every plumber and locksmith will con you because this isn't the case. Car traders and car buyers are another one, this just means that we need to make an extra effort to reassure our customers every step of the way and show you that we are very different to most of our competitors. We're a small local business, if we upset you, we'll ruin our future. To put you at peace, here's a couple of examples and reasons why you should sell your car to the car buying shop over our competitors. We work very differently to the majority of other car buying companies, Here's what we do compared another car buying company.

  • Car buying company X

    • They buy your car

    • It then gets collected by a delivery company

    • Then it'll go to an auction who charge company X a fee

    • A car trader will pay a fee to the auction following the purchase of your car

    • Finally it'll be rehomed and purchased at retail price.

    In this process there are 4 separate company's who take money from the sale of your vehicle, the only way this can be done is by buying your car as low as possible. On top of this, cars at auction don't sell for much money, see below for details on different valuations.

  • The Car Buying Shop

    • We buy your car

    • We sell it ourselves

    There's nobody else involved

    This efficiency is our reason why we can pay more than anybody else, we don't guarantee it but we make sure that every effort is made to ensure that you the customer walks away knowing that you received more money by coming to us.

  • Here's another little bit of info

    You do have other options. Your car doesn't just have one value, it's value depends on how you choose to sell  it. You can sell your car in a variety of ways:

    Let's assume you're about to sell your 4 year old Vauxhall Astra

    • Retail value at Vauxhall - £8,525

    • Private sale value - £7,450 - advertising fees

    • The Car Buying Shop value - £7,200

    • Auction hammer price - £7,000 - fees

    • Car buying company X - £6,600

    Unfortunately you don't have the power to sell it for as much as Vauxhall do which is understandable, they offer finance, warranty, part exchange, credit card payment and all the usual dealer facility's along with reassurance of buying from Vauxhall themselves. You do though, have the other 4 available to you. Admittedly, in some cases selling your car privately will give you more money in your pocket but there's a lot of different things to consider such as payment, test drives, advertising costs and of course your own time. Selling to us is convenient, stress free, it's not time consuming and it's good for your pocket.

  • Pain free and convenient

    To summarise, our 3 main points or USP's if you like are:

    • Make the customer feel comfortable. Selling your car is not a nice thing to do, it's invasive, personal and can sometimes be emotional, we tread extremely carefully and make every effort to make you feel at ease worth the whole process.

    • Aim to pay more. Why not? We want the business so our priority should be give our customer what they want, we don't just work from a computer generated valuation, we are car fanatics, we love and appreciate cars which means we're likely to see more value in your car than anybody else.

    • Convenience. We regularly ask our customers; "what are the 2 main things you want when selling your car?" They nearly always say 'as much money as possible' and 'as convenient as possible' If we have to we'll collect the car from your house, your work place, your aunties house, even the car sales that you're buying your new car from. Or if you bring it to us, we'll givr you a free lift home. The third thing that always gets asked/mentioned is : free instant transfer, we do that as well, instant literally meaning instant.

  • We Can Come To You

    The Car Buying Shop - About Us

    Due to the level of shop-based appointments we are currently struggling to get out for home and work visits. If you are able to come to one of our drop off points it would speed the whole process up for you. If you have a non-runner, SORN or non-road legal car we understand you'll struggle getting it to us, if this is the case Call us on 01908 972939 to arrange to a home visit.

Meet The Team

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    Sales Executive

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Valuation - the car buying shop
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